Thomas Reinhard Müller state-approved physiotherapist
Osteopath (College Sutherland)
Sports physiotherapist
Respiratory therapy (University Hospital Jena

Reinhardtstr. 47 10117 Berlin


East and West together with the same philosophy



What does this mean for you as a client or patient?

If desired, an anamnesis and a detailed physiotherapeutic diagnosis will be taken by Mr Müller. The more precisely we (therapist and client) are aware of the so-called deficits, the more effective the treatment can be. This is because selected manual massage techniques and types of massage can dissolve the so-called problem field in the long term. The entire practice team evaluates each other at regular intervals in order to maintain and improve the highest possible level of quality. Thomas Müller runs a private physiotherapy practice on our premises.

Tel.: 017632789919 (appointment also by WhatsApp).

Opening hours: Mon. – Fri. 12-18 hrs

Appointment by arrangement

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