About us and our work


Traditional Thai Massage (aTTM) is a system of massage techniques known in Thailand as Nuat Phaen Boran (Thai นวดแผนโบราณ), which literally means “massaging according to an ancient pattern”. In Western Europe, it is also called Thai yoga massage. Thai massage consists of passive stretching and stretching movements taken from yoga, joint mobilisation and pressure point massages. Simplified, it can therefore be summarised as a combination of passive yoga and acupressure.

Our types of massage:

Traditional Thai massage
Stretching and pressure point massage taken from yoga according to ancient Thai teachings. It is for all guests with strong tensions to get used to. The whole body is always treated. The entire blood circulation is stimulated, as all the muscles are and work together.


Aroma oil massage
Fragrant aromatic oil is spread over the entire body. The body is treated together with a light pressure point massage. This massage is ideal for beginners and for deep relaxation.


Thai sports massage
Problem areas and strained muscles are rubbed with Thai herbal ointment. The ideal application, not only for athletes, but also for people who like to do sports and move a lot.


Foot massage
After a foot bath, the blood circulation is stimulated with a foot massage. The central energy point is located on the sole of the foot, which improves personal well-being. The massage is an ideal treatment for every guest.


Herbal stamp massage
The problem zones and the body are treated with a warm herbal massage. The entire blood circulation is stimulated in your body. The entire connecting musculature is improved by the combination of our traditional Thai massage with our fragrant herbal stamps.


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